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This was the fourth year of Qingli, Teng Zijing was demoted to prefecture chief of Baling in spring. In the following year, the country was politically stable, and people lived in peace and harmony; everything neglected was in prosperity again. In the meanwhile, people rebuilt and enlarged Yueyang Tower, with poems and proses of Tang and contemporary scholars newly carved into it, and I was bid to record this event.
When I was there, I found the gorgeous beauty of Baling lies in Dongting Lake. All the far away mountains are reflected in it, and the Yangtze River seems being swallowed when passing by. So large the lake is, with its water enraging up and down, stretching to the far end of the skyline. A sunny morning can turn into a cloudy night, and various sceneries under different weather conditions can be enjoyed in a single day. This is the most splendid beauty seen on Yueyang Tower, which have been minutely recorded by previous scholars. To the north, it reaches the Wu Gorge; down the south, it approaches Xiao and Xiang River, poets and officials demoted to remote places usually meet here, and can their feelings stirred up by the sublime lake be different?
         In drizzling days, it usually lasts for months; raw winds roaring across the lake, thick surfs soaring up to the sky when striking onto the bank; lights shed by    stars hide behind continuous mountains; merchants and travellers balked by it when getting there, and masts down to the floors, oars broken into pieces; at sunset, only tiger roaring and monkey crying can be heard in unknown places. When stepping onto the Tower, things in the capital turn into memories, and homesickness evoked by the sceneries. Worried and apprehended by possible slanders and satire back in the court, feelings of sadness and regrets are inevitable before this gloomy and bleak landscape.
         若夫(fú)霪(yín)雨霏霏,连月不开;阴风怒号(háo),浊浪排空;日星隐曜(yào;同“耀”),山岳潜形;商旅不行,樯(qiáng)倾楫(jí)摧;薄(bó)暮冥冥,虎啸猿啼。登斯楼  也,则有去国怀乡,忧谗(chán)畏讥(jī),满目萧然,感极而悲者矣。 
         In warm spring days, no enraging surfs can be seen, and the still lake surface blends sunlight from the sky and sunlight reflected from the mirror-like water. The whole lake looks like a green cloth, stretching millions of kilometers away. Sandpipers gather on the sands, flying and stopping now and again; Fish glisten in shallow waters, happily wandering to and fro; on the little sands, bright green orchids prosper under the sunlight, with mellow fragrance pervading under the breezes. Sometimes at night, thick fogs completely lifted, and bright and soft moonlight sheds onto the whole surroundings, with golden colors reflected by light on waters. The moon-shadow in the lake resembles sinking jade, songs by fishermen resonating all over the water, how can there ever be an end to all these pleasures! 
        On the Tower, ease and gay can be felt, mind can be broadened, and sense of glory and shame can be forgotten. Under refreshing breezes, picking up goblets, drinking to extremes, how can we find other more pleasant moments? 
        Alas! I once explored the feelings and emotions of saints in old times, and their feelings maybe different from what I have stated above. Why? Because they were not affected by this external world, whether it is good or bad, and they were not affected whether they gain or lose. When serving the court, worries are for common people; when demoted to remote places, worries are for the Emperor. Whether or not serving the court, worries always exist. Then how can they ever be happy? It will surely be thus replied, “Worry about the State before the people, and enjoy comforts after the people.”
         嗟(jié)夫(fū)!予(yǔ)尝求古仁人之心,或异二者之为,何哉(zāi)? 不以物喜,不以己悲;居庙堂之高则忧其民;处(chǔ)江湖之远则忧其君。是进亦忧,退亦忧。然则何时而乐(yé)?其必曰:“先天下之忧而忧,后天下之乐而乐”乎。
Alas, if no such kind of people can ever be found, with whom will I continue my cause?
噫(yī)!微斯人, 吾谁与归?
Written in the sixth year of Qingli, Sep.15 


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